Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pin It.

Posted by: Anna

Hi.  My name is Anna and I have a love - hate relationship with Pinterest.

LOVE IT because you find some very delicious recipes...
Boyfriend Cookies
HATE IT when you realize most of the food that looks good would kill your diet!

LOVE IT because you find inspiration for super cute outfits...
Nice work outfit.
HATE IT when you realize you can’t afford all the new clothes!

LOVE IT because you find inspirational workouts…
Mini morning workout- right before the shower
HATE IT when you realize that you will not look like that after the workout!

LOVE IT because you find very creative ideas with simple items...
Sew these on shirts. This is brilliant.
HATE IT when you realize you didn't think of the idea first!

LOVE IT because organization looks so easy....
Organization Idea – Bobby Pin Storage
HATE IT when you realize you still haven't purchased the $1.39 Tic Tac storage container seven months after you pin the idea! 

LOVE IT because you find the cute craft ideas that look simple...
burlap tree skirt
HATE IT when you realize after completing the same craft, it looks nothing like the picture!

LOVE IT because sometimes a great quote can just make your day....
Really good advice.
So I guess in the end….I LOVE IT!   

My last class of the semester was tonight!  Woo hoo!  No more night class until February - so a few things on my to do list:
#1 - Celebrate with a glass of wine.  Check. 
#2 - Create a list of my Pinterest to-do list for January.  Will post soon!  

Talk soon.


  1. Anna, I recently decorated my whole loft on a board called "Artist Loft"-- it really did help me figure out what I want everything to look like! Now they just need to give me the keys! I think I'll invite you and Kristin over to help me get it all organized!

  2. That sounds great Shelly! Excited for you that you got the loft!!! :)