Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Get Organized.

Posted By: Kristin

While Anna was busy designing beautiful holiday cards, I took the opportunity to use her Cricut to make vinyl labels.

My husband and I recently- is six months still recent?- moved into a new home.  Since day one, I have been creating a mental list of items that could benefit from a label.  Ok.  Honestly what I should have said there is stuff that would look pretty with a label. 

A lot of the labels ended up in our laundry room closet.  Until a few days ago, I was struggling to reach frequently used items from the upper shelf.  I finally decided to just put it all in a basket on top of the dryer.  Unfortunately, having a bunch of stain remover and original detergent packages in my cute basket was just plain ugly.  The solution?  Cheap glass containers from Target!  They just needed labels!

What do you think?  I also slapped a label on our lint bucket. 

You know, just in case the hubby felt the need to try the dryer out.  No confusion as to where to put that lint.  Oh- and look at these two buckets!

Cleaning supplies will eventually end up in them but for now their purpose is to make me smile because they make me think of Dr. Seuss each time I do the laundry.  

So those are my initial, minor changes to the laundry closet.  {Sorry there were not any “before” pictures.  This whole blogging thing kind of snuck up on me.} 

What else is planned for the space?  Nothing official yet, but when I sit and procrastinate folding clothes, my brain goes here...  new wall paint with possible stencil action on the back wall, an ironing board with fun fabric, homemade art, and improved organization for the shelf. 

I am challenging myself to use a lot of color in this laundry closet.  Thus, the buckets.  And perhaps why they immediately make me think of Dr. Seuss!  One thing that I love about following design blogs is that it gives me insight into my design style (newly learned fact: I am reeeeally comfortable with neutral colors).  Design blogs almost always expose me to colors and styles that I would never have previously considered.  Will they ever end up in my home?  We'll see how brave I am!



  1. I love labels. Seriously, I would label everything in the house if I could.

    1. Thanks for your note, Shay! I'm right there with ya! I seriously considered adding labels in my fridge this weekend! :-)