Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Focusing on happiness.

Posted By: Kristin

Can you believe it is only Wednesday?  I’ve felt emotionally drained this week from the Connecticut school shootings and some tough work cases, so I’m determined to focus this post on things that make me HAPPY!

Last night, our wonderful friends came over and gave us the best housewarming gift!!  She is a talented artist and painted this beautiful painting for us after I fell in love with a similar one at their apartment a few weeks ago.  It could not be more perfect for our house!

I am so amazed at her impressive skill and excited to have more original artwork in our home!  I haven’t quite decided where to hang the painting, so am anxiously waiting for my mom to come over so we can walk around and thoroughly discuss each option! 

On another happy note, this is our first Christmas in our new house!  Our living room is decorated for the holidays, but I was not planning to decorate our upstairs family room.  And then I went to Goodwill.  I was wandering around the store while chatting on the phone with this fun girl.  Thank goodness I was paying more attention to her than anything else because I unconsciously ended up in the holiday section and spied a beautiful, unopened garland from Target for $3!  I immediately recognized it from Our Fifth House and grabbed it!  I was already planning to stop by the craft store, so I decided to copy Carmel’s window décor.  I picked up the holiday cards from the dollar section at Michaels and a felt tree ornament for .49 cents. 

I started crafting as soon as I got home.  I found it was best to hot glue the cards onto the ribbon because otherwise they all slid into the center.  These were super easy and simple decorations that quickly added fun holiday cheer to the room.  I love it!  I’m planning to pick up some holiday pillows during after-Christmas sales so I can spruce up the couch next year. 

Six days until Christmas!  Can't wait!


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