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Yes, it seems The Wandering Arrows went on a vacation.  We did.  We took a bit of a break from blogging - but we're back!

I actually not only took a vacation in January from blogging but also from work, school, and life and went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico for six days.  It was glorious.  A friend and I went to an all inclusive and did nothing else but relax, read, relax, lay on the beach, relax, eat, relax and drink.  A FANTASTIC way to spend six days in January if you ask me!  The weather down there was about 80 degrees each day - partly cloudy and it rained one day, so not the best weather I have ever seen in Mexico - but it was nothing to complain about - Minnesota hit negative temperatures when we were down there!

When we checked in, we were told we were going to be PLATINUM members, which meant we got to wear this cool wristband all week.

However, it also meant that we were greeted with champagne.  I felt the champagne was calling my name, not only because we had to get up at 3am and had been traveling for the last seven hours, but also because the champagne bottle had my name on it!  

Our room was amazing - it wasn't an ocean view (unless you stood on the balcony railing), but it was spacious, clean and the beds were semi soft.  

And the bathroom was huge, which was super nice!

The food at the resort was pretty good.  It was just as expected to me - some meals were REALLY good like our fondue night.  They had all kinds of meat and vegetables to dip into the cheese fondue.  Our waiter was charismatic and we had a great time while we were there.

 Other meals were, well, interesting - like this steak at the "Steakhouse" restaurant.  Although it tasted good - lets just say it was VERY chewy!

Our back up plan to not liking our meals was always the chips and guacamole at the buffet.  You can't really go hungry, because no matter what happens, you can always go find some chips and guacamole! 

Besides eating, the better part of our time in Mexico was spent here:

It was great - the beach was beautiful and we spent a lot of time in these blue chairs.  When you are in Mexico, all you really need is a drink, a book and lots of sunscreen!

A great time was had by all - and I already can't wait to go again!   :)

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